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Hello and welcome. This is the blog of me, James Worsfold, and my venture into the first semester of my final year doing Games Design and Art. This blog is mainly for semester one but some work for semester 2 may be included. Feel free to use the menu to find what you are looking for. Content can be found under these sections:

Phase 1 and 2 – Research and ideation coming from the brief given to us at the start of the semester, including broad research across 4 topics, then expanding my knowledge on the single topic of illusions.

Phase 3 – Ideation and development of 4 game ideas/prototypes, including drawings, programming and mind maps, that were then presented to the class in a bid to find the best one to take forward.

Phase 4 – Development of the final idea to take forward and decisions regarding whether or not to join a team for the final semester of work.

Coding – At the start of the year we had lectures with our tutor James on new coding methods we could take forward into the create phase and these are my notes on them.

Accompanying this blog is my sketchbook, my youtube channel, my google drive and a research folder; all holding relevant information, images and videos in regard to my work.

Disclaimer: The GPP for my phase 4 hand in can be found on Syl’s blogĀ here. All the sections with my name above them were completed by myself.